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(07) 3381 8400


Preventive and Restorative

Preventative care is the key to a healthy smile. Regular checkups allow us to diagnose the issues and treat them before they become a problem.
Restorative dentistry is the best course of action in small decays. But whether it’s elective or for treatment, we’ll make sure your smile is healthy and beautiful!

Emergency Care and Oral Surgery

As we are human, trauma and accidents does happen, and sometimes with tooth fracture or broken restoration. Sensitive teeth or gum abscess which may lead to teeth removal. Some times wisdom tooth may need removal. Depending on severity, we treat patients here os in some cases referred to specialist for
invasive procedure.

Root Canal Treatment

Large restoration, cracks or large decay tend to
get flare up and end up in severe tooth pain. Nerve treatment is a choice of
treatment to save the tooth in this kind of situation which done single or multiple appointments.

Crown and Bridge Work

A crown is an extremely durable full cast tooth restoration that is used to
protect a weak (heavily restored or root canal treated), worn out or cracked tooth or to disguise a discoloured tooth. From a function perspective, we can address worn, flat or shorter teeth, or teeth that have repeatedly broken or cracked, and been patched up and
repaired over and over. To break that cycle, having a crown can prevent frequent visits to repair a tooth.

Cosmetic Procedure

We try to achieve beautiful smile for every patients. Teeth whitening is one of the options. It doesn’t only include teeth whitening, but also front teeth veneer (composite/uveneer or ceramic) .

Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth can happen due to variety or reasons
and circumstances. We discuss option regarding need and long term benefit of patients Which may include some removable or fixed restoration option. Top priority would be get patient health mouth and good functional and aesthetic solution.

Pediatric Dentistry

We know the dentist can be a stressful situation for little ones. Our board certified dentists provide a safe, comfortable environment for kids of all ages. They take their time with each patient,
explaining all of our tools and processes to alleviate any fear And encourage
them to maintain good oral hygiene measures from young age.

Jaw Joint and Bruxism

Stress has become a part of our life and it does affect us in jaw pain or headaches when wakes up in morning. We provide advise related to bruxism/teeth grinding and some conservative approach like life style habit advice to provision occlusal splint(night guard).


For complex treatment like impacted lower wisdom, orthodontics,
implant surgery, full mouth rehabilitation we liase with appropriate

Professional teeth whitening

Home whitening

Mouth Guard

Custom made mouth guards are an integral part of contact sports as health and safety. They are very useful in protecting teeth while playing contact sports. This is important for professional athlete or kids playing in local club or playing for recreational purpose.